Our Strength

Our Business

Our work is conducting R&D, manufacture and sales of novel organic, inorganic, and hybrid semiconductor materials for organic optoelectronic devices, especially for OLEDs.

Recently, large OLED TVs, smart phones, and tablet computers, which have ultra-thin high-quality displays, were widely spread in our daily life. These innovative OLED displays can provide remarkably beautiful image and scenery with high contrast. In addition, eye-friendly OLED lighting will spread within the coming years.

A key factor to determine OLED performance is material technologies. We will develop and provide high quality and high performance materials for OLED displays and lightings, organic solar cells, and organic transistors using state-of-the-art material technologies with Yamagata University. For example, we will provide electron-transport materials and electron-injecting materials to realize extremely low driving voltages and low power consumption. Another typical example is next-generation light-emitting materials based on new principles with high efficiency and high color purity. Furthermore, we can also provide host materials, hole-transport materials, printable materials, and organic solar cell materials.

Our Strength