FLASK Corporation (hereafter abbreviated as FLASK) will determine and implement the following policy in order to appropriately protect any and all information that can identify specific individual (hereafter referred to as Personal Information, abbreviated as PI).

1. FLASK will strive to implement appropriate handling of PI by education, training and edification of the staff. FLASK will take appropriate measures in order to eliminate risks that may arise from handling of PI, such as illicit access, loss or theft, falsification or leakage.

2. FLASK may collect, use and provide PI only in the cases when such information becomes necessary for our objectives and/or execution of our mission(s). FLASK may use PI for sending e-mails and documents as a response for an inquiry, an announcement from FLASK, and other communication necessary for the business.

3. FLASK will not hold forth PI to any other third party, unless FLASK has permission from the customer, PI disclosure to a subcontracting company is necessary for the required service, requested by a law, or other legitimate reasons.

4. FLASK will sincerely respond to the request from the original owner of PI to confirm or correct, with full compliance with laws and regulations and within reasonable extent.

5. FLASK will fully observe and respect laws and regulations with regard to protection of PI, and continually review internal rules to strive for the improvement thereof.