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Smart MIRAI House

The Smart MIRAI (future) House is a research facility constructed by Yamagata University in Yonezawa as part of the International Scientific Innovation Center Development Project, which is supported by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Smart MIRAI House is a vision-driven empirical research facility that presents precisely designed OLED lighting fixtures and other organic electronic sensors and systems that are anticipated to be used in homes of the future.

A variety of experts, designers, and companies from different disciplines participate in this project; they discuss what homes in the future will be like and produce prototypes of such environments.

Various organic devices, such as OLED lighting fixtures, transparent organic solar cells, and printed sensors, are mounted in various places in the Smart MIRAI House; as such, the facility affords visitors a glimpse of what life may be like in the future.

Smart MIRAI House

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