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The global market for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays is growing rapidly mainly owing to the explosion in the number of smartphones and TVs incorporating OLEDs. Lighting fixtures utilizing OLEDs have also recently appeared on the market, and they are expected to be very popular. Aside from the expansion of OLED applications in devices, the market for OLED materials has now grown as well. In order to develop new applications for OLEDs, not only do their materials need to be produced in large quantity, but the OLEDs need to be of the highest quality and performance as well.

The Flask Corporation was established as a university-launched venture company. Its aim was to meet the high level of demand for both OLEDs and their materials. Flask will research and develop the latest technology related to both OLED materials and the materials of other organic electronic devices, and it will meet customers’ demands by conducting cutting-edge research and supplying the right materials.

Flask is located in Yamagata, Japan. The world's first OLED display was commercialized in Yamagata in 1997, and the world's first OLED lighting-panel manufacturing company was also established here. We intend to build on Yamagata’s legacy and provide the world’s best Japanese-branded materials and technology for organic electronics.

Futoshi Inoue
President & CEO