Our Strength

Corporate Mission/Vision

The market for OLED devices is rapidly expanding, and it is quickly replacing liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The worldwide display market is currently worth over USD 100 billion, already more than 20% of smartphones contain OLED displays, and high-end 4K OLED TVs are also becoming more popular. Along with OLED lighting fixtures, the OLED market is expected to be worth USD 20 billion by 2020. The market for OLED materials is likewise expected to grow to over USD 1 billion in the near future.

OLEDs are superior to other existing types of displays, but there is a constant demand for the materials that are used to produce OLED to be better. These demands include greater efficiency, lower power consumption, better color purity and stability, cheaper cost, and better processability and adaptability for flexible applications.

We will continue to develop and provide materials with ever better performances and ease-of-use, and in doing so, we maximize the value of the final products. With our technical capabilities, we can synthesize materials as per customers’ requests.

We will win consumers’ trust by endlessly developing solutions that address the performance and quality of OLED materials; in doing so, we will build a world-leading OLED material brand right here in Yamagata, Japan.

Our goal