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Business Structure

Flask will research, develop, manufacture, and sell organic electronic materials, including those for OLEDs, organic photovoltaics (OPVs), organic semiconductors, inorganic semiconductors along with organic/inorganic hybrid materials, and other functional materials that are used in organic electronic devices.

Flask is located at Yamagata University. This allows it to take advantage of the materials technologies and facilities of the university and create added-value materials for the field.

We aim to become a “professional team for tailor-made materials” by providing high-performance and cutting-edge materials that meet device manufacturers’ requirements. When it comes to the production of our materials, we collaborate with well-established chemical companies that develop organic materials; this ensures that we have a stable supply of quality materials.

The materials that we provide for applications such as OLED displays, OLED lighting fixtures, and OPV devices address customers' requests for high efficiency, low power consumption, reliability, and adaptability to next-generation technologies. We aim to maximize the value of the products and develop as both a materials supplier and as a platform for the provision of the technology required for these materials.


Business Structure